Dear CCO members,

I'm planning to be in New York on the 10th of September playing at the Tonic and I planned to make a tribute to Wilber Morris on the second set.
I will use archive material from UNCOOL 2001 in Switzerland as a form of tribute when music becomes light and sound.
This document will show the light of Wilber's work forever. We will keep the light. Wilber was surely the light and I'm proud to have worked with him on this piece of music dedicated to this music as a national treasure.
Since the performing of this piece on 2001, Wilber and I walked into the mountains and we saw a rainbow together.

It's sad for the musicians to die but I guess from the American Indian point of view Wilber is part of American treasures and he's gone to a higher musical level for sure.

Music is the Healing Force of the Universe
Love Supreme


Alan Silva

WILBER MORRIS passed away August 8th 2002.

WILBER MORRIS played bass at the UNCOOL Festival 2001 in the band AMIRI BARAKA & BLUE ARK and in the CELESTRIAL COMMUNICATION ORCHESTRA...

I am very grateful to have heard his most beautiful music and to have hosted him at the "Festival of Mountains"...
I hope we will be able to publish on CD some of this music which was registered by the RSI-Rete Due and will be on air later this year.

For me this music is highly inspiring and healing and forms a precious treasure in my mind...


la ciaf
Cornelia Müller

If you wish to contribute, checks can be written to Wilber Morris' wife Nanae Suzuki and mailed to: Nanae Suzuki, 200 Irvington Ave  #2-A, South Orange, NJ   07079