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, bassista molto richiesto e organizzatore del VISION Festival a New York, presen-terà il suo progetto sviluppato appositamente per UNCOOL, avvalendosi della collaborazione di musicisti della Big Band CELESTRIAL COMMUNICATION. .


"Those in the music business say this music can only be so successful. I say there is no limit to what we can do for each other as human beings." - William Parker
"Over the past three decades, bassist and composer WILLIAM PARKER has established himself as one of the premier improvising musicians on the international scene. Born in the Bronx-NY, Mr. Parker studied bass with Milt Hinton, Richard Davis and Jimmy Garrison. His first recording session was the 1973 date that produced the classic Frank Lowe/Joseph Jarman album 'Black Beings' on the ESP label. In the near 30 years since then, Mr. Parker's playing/presence has dignified well over one hundred sessions, and the list of those with whom he has collaborated reads like a who's who of the post-Trane tradition. He has composed scores for dance, opera, film and theatre, while also working as a poet, an educator, and an organizer for several music festivals. He writes: "it is the role of the artist to incite political, social, and spiritual revolution, to awaken us from our sleep and never let us forget our obligations as human beings, to light the fire of human compassion. Sounds that enlighten are infinite. We can put no limit to joy, or on our capacity for love."
The 90's saw a growing appreciation of William Parker's profundity outside the very narrow realms of the jazz vanguard. It was early in this decade that William took on the band leadership role that had long been urged on him by his fellow musicians. His talents as a composer and sound organizer became quickly evident through his still very active large ensemble - The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, his smaller group concept - In Order To Survive (which is in the process of being REformed), and the collective quartet Other Dimensions In Music. In addition, William is a root foundation member of the David S. Ware Quartet and the ensembles of Matthew Shipp. His relatively recent hookup with Chicago-based master drummer Hamid Drake (initially through Peter Brotzmann's 'Die Like A Dog' group), will soon be bearing further fruit, the likes of which you and I have never...




Vision Festival New York

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