Horse at the Milk Lake

Nomad´s yurt

Milk Lake

Sonja at the Milk Lake 2004

Welcome ceremony 2004

Monument for the Dalai Lama
who visited Tuva in 1992

Shaman's ritual decoration of a birch tree

Sunrise Tuva 2004

Kyzyl in the morning light 2005

Buddhist ceremony

TUVA, KYZYL, Theatre 2004

The horse race without a saddle 2004

Wrestling 2004

Wrestling 2004

Knoel Scott

Ai-Tchourek handing over gift to Marshall Allen

Ustuu-Huree Temple 2005

Temple Ustuu-Huree 2004

Ustuu-Huree Temple 2005

Buddhist Ceremony at the Temple Ustuu-Huree 2004

Carneval - procession Ustuu-Huree Festival 2004

Buddhist Mask

Choduraa Tumat Ustuu-Huree Festival 2004

Choduraa Tumat Ustuu-Huree Festival 2004


Russian Choir 2004

young musicians Ustuu-Huree 2004

Tuva Kyzy at the Festival Ustuu-Huree 2004

young throat singers


From The Sun Ra Arkestra
Marshall Allen, Kash Killion, Elson Nascimento

Art Jenkins in front of the kingly yurt 2004

David Hotep

Yahya Abdoul Majid, Knoel Scott, Rey Scott, Art Jenkins

Marshall Allen at Syt-Aksy

Marshall Allen, Yahya Abdloul Majid, Rey Scott Ustuu-Huree 2004

Art Jenkins and Tuvan girl
when you have a wish upon a star

Maestro Marshall Allen

The stream Yenisei
near Shushenskoye, Chakasia)

On the road to Chadan

Museum Shushenskoye,
Chakasia -

Goat herd 2004

Ritual Stone Circle at the Shaman's Center
TOS DEER in Kyzyl, Tuva

Shaman's drum suspended in the birch tree


Shaman's drum

Tuvan noodle soup with ÖRGE, Siberian Marmot

Shaman's ritual fireplace - Camlanye

Look over the Mountains

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