Dear Cornelia,
Igor and we, Ustuu-khure festival people, are glad to say you on 23 July will be openning of the Ustuu-Khure temple. From 1999 musicians and people who likes music have been attracting the world attention to Temple Ustuu Khuree as is the only Buddhist temple in Tuva, whose walls are preserved to this day. Temple Ustuu Khuree is the only monument of Tibetan architecture in Russia. Decision to join a protectorate of the Russian Empire was adopted at the Temple Ustuu-Khuree. The pupil of the Temple Ustuu Khuree Buyan Badyrgy headed the government of an independent People's Republic of Tuva. This year's festival and the opening of the Temple Khuree Ustuu is dedicated to 120 Anniversary of Buyan Badyrgy. Hung-Noyon Buyan-Badyrgy, the pupil of Ustuu Khuree, spoke five languages fluently. He reached the level of Geshe in Philosophy, Sanskrit, Medicine and Astrology. He was familiar with the basics of Tantra. He headed the government proclaimed the first time in the history of the independent People's Republic of Tuva, falsely accused and executed during the years of repression. He was rehabilitated in 2007, during the festival Ustuu-Khuree, by the Decree of President of the Government of the Republic of Tyva Sholban Kara-ool. Ustuu-khure festival is only festival which could build the temple and we are proud of say to you that in this big event there is also your part. You are considerable part of our festival! Your music, your hearts, inspiration helped us. Your name is always in History of Ustuu-Khure temple. People of the festival, Tuva never forget you. Thank you! During the festival (23-26) we will video cast the concerts to our web-site (in Russian, Google translation >> here >>) And we will contact you by skype to streaming to screan your video address to the audience of the concerts. In that magnificent moment we would like to be with you.
Zhanna, by Igor's comission

Tuesday May 22nd midnight until ? (6+ hours) GMT +1 local Zurich, Switzerland time
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Featuring: Preview of Uncool Festival in Poschiavo Switzerland next month with headliners Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen and honoring Michael Ray, Interview with Cornelia Mueller, Tribute to Art Jenkins, Plenty of Sun Ra treats.
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SF bi de Lüt - Wunderland" VALPOSCHIAVO (4.5.2012)

RSI RETE UNO - Interview with Cornelia Müller, artistic director UNCOOL 2012
(Beginn des interviews bei 08:10)

Dokmentation des ORF über das VENUS PROJECT ("Newton" 12.05.2012)

Ad Alberto Mesirca il premio Memorial Tullio Besa 2012

Alberto Mesirca riceve il premio del Memorial Tullio Besa edizione 2012.
Alberto Mesirca
Gli artisti che hanno ricevuto il premio nelle edizioni passate sono:

2002: Giampaolo Bisanti
2003: Andrea Bacchetti
2004: Alexander Romanowsky
2005: Anna Tifu
2006: Francesco Cafiso
2007: Leonora Armellini
2008: Giovanni Baglioni
2009: Simone Rubino
2010: Silvia Vicario
2011: Laura Marzadori

Motivazione del premio:
"Si è particolarmente distinto per le trascrizioni e incisioni delle Sonate di Domenico Scarlatti. Ha rivelato eccellenza filologica e culturale sostenuta da autentica passione per la timbrica del suo strumento. Ha, inoltre, dimostrato eccezionale versatilità, forza e brillantezza interpretativa nelle incisioni discografiche e nelle esecuzioni concertistiche".

ART JENKINS 1933 - 2012

The beautiful blue-eyed singer, poet, composer and member of The Sun Ra Arkestra ART JENKINS left planet earth...
ART JENKINS 1933 - 2012

Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra at UNCOOL 2011
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