Chadane, Republic of Tuva - Siberia

1 - 7 July 2004

USTUU-HUREE - about you we sing
USTUU-HUREE - it is eternity of an open door
USTUU-HUREE - all to you we go
USTUU-HUREE - it is necessary to remember and trust

YES, LIVE MUSIC will be spilled in the SOULS of PEOPLE, REVIVING LIVE BELIEF! Already for the sixth time this unique and precious music festival "Ustuu-Huree" will take place in Chadane, Republic of Tuva. Its name is not casual. Ustuu-Huree is the Buddhist monastery, located in the vicinities of the city of Chadane and was, along with its attendants, destroyed during the thirties of the 20th century - Buddhist Lamas were at the time subjected to severe repressions.

The project to realize the festival was born in 1998 by a circle of musicians and the creative intelligence who united around the idea of the restoration of the monastery. The festival is intended to be charitable. All income realized through the concerts and the help of the sponsors will be used for the restoration of the temple and for the revival of spirituality in the Republic of Tuva. Annually the festival unites more than 300 musicians of all genres and styles: from classic music and jazz up to folk and avant-garde.

Traditionally the festival opens with an unusual and colorful ritual - the procession "Cam" in the streets of Chadane with all the participants - performers and inhabitants. The program of the festival consists of 4 concerts per day. It finishes with the concert of winners and a nightly jam-session.

During the past five years more than 30 music collectives of the Republic of Tuva participated in the festival as well as musicians from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and other Russian cities, visitors from USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, Czechia, Poland, Mongolia and Japan. Everybody interested in the festival is invited to take part, single musicians as well as ensembles, groups and orchestras.

The Festival offers a rare opportunity to hear the best performers of the unique Tuvan throat singing. Folklore groups as "Ustuu-Huree", "Chirgilchin", "Late-ha" led by Albert Kuvezin and the female throat singer band "Tuva Kizi" are known for their art far outside of Tuva.

The music program of the festival is closely related to its spiritual offerings. Like during this year’s festival "Ustuu-Huree 2003" Buddhist Lamas will celebrate Buddhist ceremonies. All participants of the festival are invited to visit the temple "Ustuu-Huree", touch its sacred walls - although they were destroyed, they are not dead. "The Flame of the icon lamp of this temple shall never become extinct" - said the Dalai-Lama XIV when visiting the ruins in September 1992 during his stay in Tuva.

The festival is not only limited to the framework of Buddhism, but tries to unite musicians of various nationalities and cultures believing in the idea of spirituality’s revival, humanism and tolerance among men.

Yours faithfully, the author of the project

Igor Dulush

The UNCOOL Festival is invited to bring American and European musicians to the Ustuu-Huree Festival 2004...

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