Festival of jazz improvised planetary and cosmo music

From 5th – 8th May the international UNCOOL Festival of jazz improvised planetary and cosmo music is taking place in Poschiavo / Le Prese.

EGBERTO GISMONTI, guitar player and pianist from Brazil will be heard in 3 exclusive concerts. He belongs to the most important representative musicians of contemporary music. His play is also classic on a 10-string guitar as well as the piano. His studies of the Red Indian music gives his composition an unexpected reference to nature.

The spectacular program includes 3 big bands: The 39 pieces Japanese orchestra SHIBUSA SHIRAZU (which meaning is ‘be not cool’), THE SUN RA ARKESTRA under the direction of MARSHALL ALLEN (16 musicians, 2 dancers) that will play rarely heard compositions of its founder Sun Ra, and the Swiss orchestra ROOT DOWN (16 musicians) under the direction of TOMMY MEIER who musically links to Africa.

The concerts of THE SUN RA ARKESTRA is accompanied by the 12th SUN RA CONVENTION organized by Hartmut Geerken (Pensione Solaria, Le Prese).

Additionally the visitors can expect a wonderful quartet with KALI. Z. FASTEAU (saxophone, ney, shakuhachi), BOBBY FEW (piano), WAYNE DOCKERY (Bass) and STEVE McCRAVEN (drums), an unusual sound installation by FRÉDÉRIC LE JUNTER and differently instrumented concerts by STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND.

Two exhibitions show videos and photos of young artists from Berlin GABRIELE WORGITZKI and the Poschiavo valley ROMANO ZALA, DAVID WOHLSCHLAG and MAURO LARDI, latter being responsible for the graphic image of the festival. The stage scenery will be created by video projections by GÖTZ ROGGE.

The biglietto musica FESTIVAL costs 180 chf / 120 euro and offers apart from the festival performances in the tent at the lake site of Le Prese, the free train ride with the Rhätische Bahn from Chur across the Alps to the festival (roundtrip) as CONTRIBUTION to the ENVIRONMENT. On top the Bernina track from St. Moritz to Tirano (I) is offered gratis during the festival. The biglietto musica GIORNALIERA costs as day ticket 60 chf / 40 euro and also offers a free roundtrip on the Bernina track (return journey on the next day possible).
The biglietto musica is sold: Ente Turistico Valposchiavo, station Tirano, station Chur.
info@valposchiavo.ch T 081 844 05 71 F 081 844 10 27

GRATIS are all open-air concerts at the Piazza and Alp Grüm (the restaurant will be open), entrance for children and young people up to 16 years of age, as well as the local inhabitants.

Dr. Cornelia C. Müller la ciaf – Director UNCOOL 2005
phone +41 81 844 0050 mobile +41 76 439 9346 thekey@uncool.ch uncool.ch




The spectacular UNCOOL Festival 2005 will take place from 5th to 8th May 2005 in Switzerland, Poschiavo Piazza Cumün (afternoon) and in the festival tent in Le Prese (evening), in Cantone at Il Fienile (afternoon), at the Lago di Poschiavo (from midnight to dawn) and at Alpe Grüm (Sunday – The Restaurant Buffet Stazione is open during the Festival).

From 2nd to 4th May the UNCOOL Festival offers at the Cinema Rio, the Gym Hall Brusio and Il Fienile Cantone a music program for all schools of the Valley, in addition also various workshops for children with subsequent performance on the Festival stage. Also schools from the Valtellina will be invited.

The UNCOOL Festival 2005 is dedicated to EGBERTO GISMONTI, a wonderful Brazilian guitar player. Egberto Gismonti will be celebrated with three duo-concerts – with the fantastic singer MARLUI MIRANDA, with BERNARD WYSTRAETE, and with ALEXANRE GISMONTI.

The UNCOOL Festival 2005 is a unique chance to see and hear various BIG BANDs – it is actually a FESTIVAL OF ORCHESTRAS. The music is presented mainly acoustically and in many shades as the variety of the orchestra instruments. The big bands play several times at different locations, thus enhancing a more profound understanding of the music.

Invited is the Japanese avant-garde orchestra SHIBUA SHIRAZU who has many traditional bindings – as the dragon, the figure of the old man or the Butho dancers. The name Shibuzashirazu means, “be not cool”. The band consists of thirty-five musicians and artists. Shibuzashirazu relates in its music and theatre performance to THE SUN RA ARKESTRA.

The project ROOT DOWN by TOMMY MEIER consists of about sixteen Swiss musicians playing compositions of FELA KUTI, the creator of the “Afro Beat” and integrating personality of African and occidental music, as well as compositions of „Brotherhood of Breath“ by CHRIS McGREGOR, who founded a large formation of black and white South African musicians and musicians of the London Improvisers. Tommy Meier / ROOT DOWN create variations and improvisations using the musical material.
It is an excellent orchestra:
Tommy Meier direction, composition, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet | Peter Schärli trumpet | Hans Anliker trombone | Jürg Wickihalder soprano saxophone | Co Streiff alto saxophone | Hans Koch bass clarinet, soprano saxophone | Peter Landis tenor and bass saxophone | Stephan Thelen guitar, loops, samples | Irène Schweizer piano | Chris Wiesendanger keyboards | Herbert Kramis contrabass, electronics | Jan Schlegel E-bass | Fredi Flükiger drums | Marco Käppeli drums | Chris Jäger percussion | Trixa Arnold turntables, electronics

THE SUN RA ARKESTRA under the direction of MARSHALL ALLEN presents the new program including rarely heard compositions of Sun Ra and new compositions by Maestro MARSHALL ALLEN, the genius multi-instrumentalist and director of the Arkestra.
Members of THE SUN RA ARKESTRA are famous musicians in the American jazz world and faithful to the music of Sun Ra, among them:
Marshall Allen direktion, alto saxophone, flute, EVI, clarinet / Art Jenkins voice / Charles Davis, Yahya Abdul Majid tenor saxophone / Knoel Scott alto saxophone / Reynold Scott baritone saxophone / Fred Adams, Michael Ray trumpet / Vincent Chancey french horn / Tyrone Hill, Dave Davis trombone / Billy Bang violin / David Hotep guitar / Juini Booth bass / Luqman Ali drums / Elson Nascimento percussion.

KALI Z. FASTEAU is an American composer, saxophone and flute player who works with various jazz musicians. Her most unusual project plans an underwater music in collaboration with dolphins and whales living in the ocean. At the Festival she will play with BOBBY FEW piano, WAYNE DOCKERY bass and STEVE McCRAVEN drums.

Invited is also the celebrated band STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND with Dominik Blum Hammond organ, Marino Pliakas bass and Lucas Niggli drums.

FREDERIC LE JUNTER shows his new sound installation at Il Fienile in Cantone and plays there multiple concerts using the sound installation as musical instrument. Open 11am to 4.30pm, 5pm concert.

The DJ DELLA VALLE offer for Friday and Saturday night the famous “chill out”, this time under the stars at the lake site (from 24 pm to dawn).

At the Festival an excellent concert piano will be presented. It is hand made by EMANUEL LARDI in his local piano factory PIANOLARDI. Irène Schweizer, Bobby Few and Alexandre Gismonti will play on this precious instrument.

In the Galleria PGI GABRIELE WORGITZKI from Berlin will organize a photo and video exhibition mainly about the UNCOOL Festival 2001 and 2003. She works with the original photographic system: She uses a camera without a lens, but a very small opening and long exposure times. The photos show often a veil effect that makes reality appear in an impressionistic light. Her videos are photographs mounted in loops .
The front window of the gallery will be illuminated by series of photos during the nights (from 30th April to 8th May 2005, Vernissage 5th May 11 am, opening hours 11 am - 6 pm).
Her works can be bought at the Tourist Office Valposchiavo – The Video SECRET PATH shows a springtime train trip along the Lago Bianco with the music of E-guitarist DAVID HOTEP (17 CHF).

In the Festival Hall in Poschiavo ROMANO ZALA, DAVID WOHLSCHLAG and MAURO LARDI show their photographs taken at the previous UNCOOL Festivals. They also take care of the graphics of this Festival.

GÖTZ ROGGE will contribute live artistic projections to design the stage. He uses computer processed video recordings made during the concert and projected instantly at the screen behind the musicians.
In collaboration between Götz Rogge, El Ra Records and the Festival it is planed to publish on DVD the video material of the concerts of The Sun Ra Arkestra taken during the last UNCOOL Festival.

Alike previous years the collaboration with the Radio della Svizzera di Lingua Italiana RTSI – Rete Due is in preparation and consists in the promotion of the Festival, the recording of the concerts and broadcasting on Swiss and European stations. Some of the acoustic material will also be published on CD.
Published so far: UNCOOL 1999 – Olaf Rupp, LIFE SCIENCE, How big is your Heart, FMP CD 109, sold out. UNCOOL 2001 – Celestrial Communication Orchestra, Direction: Alan Silva, HR57 I, II, III, IV, TREASURE BOX, Eremite MTE 039-042. UNCOOL 2003 – The Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen, MUSIC FOR THE 21st CENTURY, El Ra Records 50322.




Music is The Universal Language – but not everybody is able to speak it. Let’s take advantage of the precious chance to hear it live, to enjoy it and to understand it through its authentic presentation that the Festival offers in great diversity.

Music is The Key to extraordinary brain growth – but education in school does not take it into account. The UNCOOL Festival is a step in direction of the musical education and does not only offer concerts of great beauty but also a program for the youngest scholars.

Music is the Healing Force of the Universe – Music is able to evoke joy, satisfaction and happiness – these are all psychic states of indispensable importance in life. Music helps to master ones own destiny with creativity. The UNCOOL Festival is a delicious contribution to an extraordinary experience.
The participation of the international musicians is an offer to meet some contemporary music cultures of national and foreign provenience.

The UNCOOL Festival is a musical, educational and tourist project – since it attracts during the ante-season numerous national/international visitors who will like to return to the distant Valley. Additionally the event provokes a visibility above average of the Valposchiavo in the local and foreign press, radio, TV. The Festival is an open window to the world that shows the beauty of the Poschiavo Valley and also presents its genuine, ORGANIC products. This is the chance to spread the word beyond the Swiss border and the Bernina pass that Valposchiavo is a rare discovery in the heart of Europe.

To make sure you experience a travel of world culture heritage, the UNCOOL Festival offers together with the RHÄTISCHE BAHN® the biglietto musica as a CONTRIBUTION TO NATURE.
biglietto musica FESTIVAL (180 CHF/120 Euro) and biglietto musica GIORNALIERA (day ticket 60 CHF/40 Euro) allow the guests to travel fee free on the Bernina line from St. Moritz or Scuol-Tarasp respectively to Tirano. On top the biglietto musica FESTIVAL offers the roundtrip from Chur to Poschiavo (valid from 30th April to 7th May 2005, return journey valid from 8th to 16th May 2005). The guests could thus leave their cars at home or in Chur and enjoy the heights flight of the Rhätische Bahn – a travel of wild alpine beauty in springtime!
Access to the UNCOOL Festival is free for: children and youths 0-16 years of age, the local population as well as all open-air concerts.




The UNCOOL Festival 2005 is evolving in close collaboration between the culture association la ciaf and the tourist authority Valposchiavo and is generously supported by the Comune di Poschiavo and the Culture Promotion of the Canton of Grisons.

On Saturday 7th May at 11 am we invite the patrons, sponsors and partners as well as the press, radio, TV to a FARMER’S BREAKFAST at Il Fienile in Cantone – this is the opportunity to thank everybody for the generous support and to take advantage to meet each other.



Cornelia Müller, la ciaf